Time for a Bru?

We’d like to introduce Bru to you all, in the hope that someone out there adores a greying face as much as we do!

Bru has stolen the hearts of all our staff and volunteers; he is a true gentleman with everyone and everything.

Bru is a large dog, bigger than an average Labrador (possibly part Great Dane or Pointer – who knows!) of around 8 years old.  He has been well trained, has excellent manners, he walks nicely on the lead and has the softest eyes you could see on a dog.

Because Bru is large, black and male with a greying face, the statistics say that he might be with us for a while just because of that.  .We hope that’s not the case – please share Bru with anyone you know looking for a family member.  Bru could live with another canine housemate and could live with children that are old enough not to be knocked over (just because of his large size).

He might be a bit grey in the face but there’s still plenty of mileage left on the clock. He can still enjoy walks with you, cuddle up with you in the evening and provide the kind of gentle companionship that dogs of distinguished years are best at.

Have you got time for a Bru?


UPDATE – Bru has been rehomed!!

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