Sandy’s Appeal

Sandy is a Labrador crossbreed who has found herself in rescue at the grand old age of 10.  Sandy was found straying and when nobody came for her, Pawprints Dog Rescue stepped forward to save her.

Shortly after Sandy came in to PDR, it became clear that she had some lumps and other issues that needed investigation.  Unfortunately, our vet has confirmed that she has at least one Mammary Tumour, as well as some other lumps that need to be removed – including a skin tag that is beginning to obscure her vision in one eye.    We won’t know how much needs to be removed and what the ongoing treatment costs will be until she’s been on the operating table, but we do know that her treatment and follow ups are likely to cost anything upwards of £1,000.

On paper, many people might write off a 10 year old dog with these issues – perhaps that’s why she was left to stray as her owners couldn’t afford treatment.  But that’s not what rescue is about.

Sandy is not just an old dog with cancer; she still has a spring in her step and a gleam in her eye – especially when a game of ball is mentioned!  We are very optimistic that with treatment, she has a high chance of going on to have more happy, active years with a loving family.

Rescue means taking in the hopeless and lost and giving them the means to find their second chance at a happy, forever home.  We will do everything we can to help Sandy achieve this dream, but we need your help to fund her veterinary treatment and ongoing care.

Pawprints is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and with the rescue situation at crisis point all over the country, we are always in need of more funds to keep going and help dogs like Sandy towards their happy ever after.

We have over 2,500 followers on Facebook which shows how many people feel the same way about rescue as we do (thank you for caring!).  If everyone who reads this donates £1, or even 50p, we’ll be able to fund Sandy’s treatment and care.

Please help us, if you can. If you can’t donate yourself, please help us by sharing Sandy’s appeal.

Payments can be made post-op to The Animal House Veterinary Surgery, St Peters Road, Rugby Telephone 01788 575300 or by paypal to (the link on the top right of this page takes you straight there).

Thank You!


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