Burt’s Blog: The Rugby Roadside Lurcher and his Broken Leg

UPDATE – Burt’s surgery took six hours but went well and Burt is now recuperating in a foster home.  


Burt is a lurcher who was found by the side of the road near Rugby at the weekend with no form of ID or tattoo to help identify any owners. Nobody is sure how long he was lying there, but after being taken to Animal House Vets he was found to have a broken leg.  With no owners to be found Burt needed help to survive.

The wonderful vets at Animal House have operated to save his leg and Burt is now coming to Pawprints so that he can be rehomed with rescue back up when he has recovered.

Burt is currently seeking a foster home to care for him whilst he recuperates, and we will keep everyone updated about his progress.

A huge thank you must go to Hugh Duffin and his team at Animal House Veterinary for saving this Burt’s life – Burt faced being PTS before they stepped up to save him and find a rescue space.  If you would like to help towards the veterinary costs for this boy please contact Animal House on 01788 575300.



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