giveadogahomeAre you considering giving a rescue dog a loving, permanent home?

Our dogs have come in from pounds and as such we often have no history for them. When the dogs come into our care, they undergo an assessment before being rehomed. This gives us an idea of the type of home that would be the best match for this dog and have the best chance of being permanent. Our rehoming policies have been created with the best interest of the dog and the adopter in mind.

Prior to visiting any of our dogs, we request that you read our Adoption Policy and fill in our online Adoption Form.  We will then invite you to meet some of the dogs. Finally,  a homecheck is carried out and any further questions you may have thought of can be asked.

We ask for an adoption fee of £140 when a dog is adopted by a new family. This rarely covers the cost of essential things such as kenneling, neutering, vaccinations, microchips, worm and flea treatment let alone any further costs incurred by individual dogs.  These adoption fees are essential for us to be able to keep saving more dogs.

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Pawprints Adoption Policy:

paw We do not rehome to families with children under the age of 9 unless the dog is KNOWN to be good with Children.
paw We are only able to rehome dogs to families living in rented accommodation if your Tenancy Agreement states that dogs are allowed. A Copy of this will be required before a home check can be carried out.
paw All of our dogs will be fully assessed in various ways by an experienced assessor. Therefore if we post NOT good with dogs, it means that this dog must be an only dog in a household and will be required to be muzzled in public.
paw All adopted dogs should be walked on a leash and wear an ID disc carrying the new owner’s details (as is law)
paw Any adopted dogs cannot be rehomed, sold or given away. If there are circumstances beyond the adopter’s control that require the dog to be relinquished, Pawprints must be contacted in the first instance.
paw All adopted dogs are microchipped to new owners but with a dual ownership shared with Pawprints. This ensures that if a dog goes missing or is given away or sold on, Pawprints will also be notified.
paw All rehomed dogs will be neutered (if age is not of concern), fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Additional clauses will be added to the Adoption Agreement in the case of puppies too young to be neutered, to ensure that the new family carry this out at the earliest opportunity.
paw All potential adopters will be homechecked and follow up checks will be carried out. All adopters will be required to sign an Agreement agreeing to the above terms.
paw Once adopted, the dog becomes the full responsibility of the new owner and as such it is advised that adequate insurance cover is put into place in the event of ill health or accidents. Part of the Agreement is that new owners will provide indoor shelter, food and unlimited water and adhere to the terms of the Animal Welfare
Act 2006.

PLEASE NOTE: We will acknowledge receipt of all applications via email. If you have not heard further from us within 7 days, your application has not been successful at this time. We will keep your details on file for suitable dogs for 6 months from the date of your application, unless instructed otherwise by you.

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